Mary Rose

Dundas Little theatre welcomes and thanks Mary Rose for her great success directing Myth of the Ostrich by Matt Murray.
This is her directorial debut with DLT and we are so happy to have her on board. Enjoy her theatrical reflections and please join us at the theatre to have a look at her creation.

Two Favourites
Choosing just two favourite productions is really difficult to do, as I have loved so many of them. My first choice would be Frankenstein by Walter Learning and Alden Nowlan, as it was my directing debut and the Oakville audience felt such compassion for Creature. My second choice would be Colours in the Storm: The Tom Thomson Musical by Jim Betts. The mystery surrounding the death of Thomson and the beauty of his northern landscapes have enthralled generations, and the music and script are fabulous. We even embarked on our own research by paddling Canoe Lake and finding the cemetery!

Myth of the Ostrich, a Perfect Comedy for the Winter
Parenting a teenager? So many stories from so many people! Playwright Matt Murray has written a delightfully funny play that tackles this everyday part of life; it will lift spirits with its witty dialogue, misunderstandings, and demonstration of unconditional love and acceptance, so Myth of the Ostrich truly is a perfect comedy for DLT’s winter production.

How It All Began
I have helped behind the scenes for 20 years now, beginning with A Chorus of Disapproval presented by The Oakville Players. It started with photography, then set building, and progressed from there to set design, producing, and directing. The best productions are the ones which have a truly collaborative process for all aspects of the show; I believe the audience can ‘feel’ the difference!

What Theatre Teaches Us
Devoting our time to theatrical creations strengthens our understanding of personalities and communication. Diversity and collaboration always create better results. In addition, scheduling, time management, positive attitudes, and commitment to a project are fundamental life skills that are important when mounting a show. As well, close ‘family’ is created for a short time, but often the friendships remain for a very long time showcasing the embracing warmth of the theatrical community.

Dream Productions
I would love to direct The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey; Healey was commissioned by the Blyth Festival to write the play. The story takes place in a rural Ontario farming community where a young actor from Toronto goes to find stories that he wishes to use in creating a play. It’s a heart-warming script.