Kimberly Jonasson

Dundas Little Theatre welcomes Kimberly Jonasson as a performer in our current production of Myth of the Ostrich.
Enjoy her reflections on theatre and her work with DLT.

How it began
I have been hooked on acting since I played Mary in our school production of the nativity scene when I was in grade two. The critics (my family) told me I was the best actor on the stage. At the end of high school, I gave up acting to pursue life. In 2008, I auditioned for my first non-school production. I was cast as the Red Queen in a snippet production of Alice in Wonderland.

What are the lessons?
There are so many soft skills we learn through involvement with theatre. Included are creative problem-solving, commitment, cooperation, respect for others and for deadlines, concentration, dedication, responsibility, and self-confidence.

Myth of the Ostrich is perfect for any season of theatre
In the winter months, we often need to find a reason to get out of the house. If that time out includes gathering with friends and like-minded people so much the better. If it also includes belly laughs, it’s the perfect time out. Myth of the Ostrich is an insightful play about love, friendship, parenting, and misunderstanding with smart dialogue that will leave you breathless with laughter. That’s a reason to see it any time of the year.

Dream role
I have been blessed in that I have already had the opportunity to play so many roles that I have wanted to play. Some roles I knew in advance were dream roles and others became dream roles after I was already involved. Cheryl in Myth of the Ostrich is one of those. I guess one thing I would still love to do, is to bring a play of my own to the stage.

Favourite experiences
Ugh, it’s so hard to narrow down to two favourite productions. If pushed, I would say Truvy in Steel Magnolias with the Players Guild and Hilda in Hilda’s Yard with Theatre Burlington. Both productions had outstanding cast and crews. Rehearsals are usually three days a week for three hours each. That’s a lot of time to spend with a number of people. These plays are among my favourites because of the friendships that were formed and the respect everyone had for the process. (But they are by far not the only stand-outs. And yes, I changed my choice several times before settling on these plays).