Ilene Ilkaim and Her New Friend Bandit

What makes Verdict a different type of Agatha Christie experience? How does it differ from what the audience might be expecting?
Although there is a murder, which is typical, this one takes the audience on an interesting trip that delves far more into relationships – to oneself as well as with others.

As a performer or crew member, what have you been doing during Covid to fill up the time you would otherwise be spending working on productions?
I got a puppy in Sept 2020! His name is Bandit. (Yes, he steals hearts. See photo above). We couldn’t have survived these past two years without him. He is a lifter of spirits, laughter generator and cuddler.

Share one of the unexpected benefits of the Covid lockdown in your life?
Walks, walks and more walks. Or course the puppy is the catalyst. This means my husband and I had so much more time to really share thoughts, plans, etc.
I’d add, “connection.” Although virtual, I’ve had a truly blessed connection with theatre friends I may not have had if it wasn’t for Covid.