David Faulkner-Rundle

Introducing David Faulkner-Rundle

David is a professional Stage Manager/actor who frequently shares his skills with Dundas Little Theatre. This year he is the Stage Manager for our upcoming production of The Humans.

Enjoy the following reflections that David shares about both the play and his theatre experience.


The theme of The Humans is just that; humans. How simple things seem, when there are in fact many layers and unknowns.


I volunteer regularly in local theatre, including having run my own indie theatre company for several years prior to the pandemic. I have always enjoyed working with the folks at DLT and was excited to be back in the building working with many folks new to me.

The Set

 The two floors of the set help to highlight the dynamics of the relationships. The characters are at times feeling separation or disconnect and are also physically separated; at others they are closely confined with one another as they confront issues in the relationships.

Favourite Roles

I played Montague in Romeo and Juliet and loved that as I got to sword fight!