Alex Tessier

This week we introduce Alex Tessier, seen here deep in rehearsal for Verdict which opens April 29th. Alex returns to our stage from his last performance in Over the River and Through the Woods, one of the final shows presented by DLT before COVID lockdowns began. Alex shares some of his pandemic reflections and ideas about Verdict. Enjoy this spotlight on talent at DLT.

What is Unique about Verdict as an Agatha Christie Play?
The key to Verdict is in the name. I won’t say too much for fear of spoiling the plot, but the real verdict that’s important here is not that of a jury in the play but that of the audience. The distinction between guilt and innocence is left in the most meaningful sense to each audience member; there is no Poirot here to scour for clues, examine alibis, and bring the killer to justice. I hope audiences will pay close attention and decide for themselves what justice means in the context of Verdict’s plot, it won’t necessarily be an easy decision.

What Does an Actor Do during COVID?
As a performer, acting has largely been put on hold for me during the pandemic outside of some background gigs. I’ve had the chance to return to school so my undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at McMaster is my main focus currently.

Any Unexpected Benefits of COVID?
An unexpected benefit of COVID-19… for me, having all that time at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was completely stopped was a very valuable time for self-reflection and to slow down the pace of life entirely. I found a lot of clarity emerged from that period of the pandemic and I came out of it with a new perspective on what is important in life. I’m sure that’s not an uncommon sentiment.

What Did You Miss?
I’ve missed the unique fun there is in performing a text on stage. There’s something about playing around in character that you don’t get to experience in normal life and it can be hard to access that sort playfulness when you’re just acting for a Zoom meeting. Being back in a space that’s dedicated to this specific activity brings a specialness to acting that you can’t find acting in front of a webcam in your room.