Adam Lemieux

Welcome, Adam Lemieux, to the Dundas Little Theatre Stage!

This is Adam’s first performance with DLT. Please enjoy some of his reflections on theatre and this production of The Humans.

The Theme
It might be too on the nose, but the theme is the human experience. Often what
we say is not what we mean, and we often have stresses and worries that percolate
below surface level that drive our actions, for better or for worse, unknown to the people
we spend the most time with (i.e., our family and loved ones, coworkers, etc.). And yet
despite all that, we still carry on. We still go to work every day, we still buy our groceries
and complete our chores, and we still get together for Thanksgiving dinners. All the
while trying to hold it together in the way our lived experiences have taught us.

Your Connection with Your Character
The character I play is Richard, who has just moved in with his partner, Brigid, as
they host his partner’s family for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m like Richard in the way I like to
make sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of when I’m hosting them but I can
be awkward or reserved during first meetings, especially with parents. I take a little
while to warm up, but I do have interesting things to contribute in the end.

The Role of the Set
The set lays bare everything at all times. Unlike the characters in the play, it’s not
hiding anything.

Your Two Personal Favourite Roles
1) I played Drew in a show called Test (written by Stephen Near) for Same Boat
Theatre. It was a two-hander love story set in the world of LARPing, something I
had no prior knowledge of but loved getting a peek into. It was particularly
memorable because the actor opposite me in the show was my real life partner,
2) I played Rhys in a show called Normal Schnormal for Open Heart Arts
Theatre. It was a show based on the relationship between playwright Steve
Hartwell and his son, Rhys. It was an intimate look into how ADHD can influence
familial relationships and showed that sometimes expectations can and should
never equal reality. Ultimately exploring the question: “What is normal?” Learning
more about ADHD and checking the expectations I carry around with me made
for a memorable experience.